Holiday Party Packages!



Can you believe we are through October and heading straight for the holidays?  Have you started thinking about how you are going to show your appreciation for your employees and clients this holiday season?

Blink Event’s all-inclusive party packages are perfect for all your corporate holiday party needs!  Say thank you to your best clients by treating them to a night out on you!  Or throw your staff a fun holiday bash to close out 2015!  Whatever your reason to celebrate, we’ve got you covered!

Here is how it works:

Give us a call or send us an email with the following information:

  • Desired package (Keepin’ It Real; Fancy Cocktails or Dress to Impress)
  • Desired Party Date:  Choose a Monday through Wednesday in November or December and a 3 hour time-frame
  • Anticipated headcount
  • Any desired customizations to the chosen party package
  • Any food allergies


From there we will provide you a final invoice, you provide payment and we secure your date and handle the rest!  We will follow up the week of your event and see you at your party!  We aim to keep it simple!  Can’t wait to celebrate with you!


Choose from one of our customized packages & ensure your party is a success!

All packages are (3) hour events, Monday-Thursday



No need to overthink this one.  Just all the necessary ingredients for a good time.

What’s Included?

Private East Village Venue

Open Wine/Beer/Soda Bar

Delicious Stationed Appetizers

Festive Decor

*Pricing based on (50) people



An up-graded good time.  Fancier food, fancier drinks and fancier décor- sure to impress your guests!

What’s Included?

Private East Village Venue

Open FULL Bar: Liquor/Wine/Beer/Soda Bar

Upgraded Food: Stationed Dinner & Dessert

Festive Décor

Holiday Party Playlist

*Pricing based on (50) people



Now this is an experience that will surely pamper those in attendance.  Sit back, relax and enjoy!

What’s Included?

(4) Course sit-down dinner with wine pairings in private East Village venue

Open FULL Bar: Liquor/Wine/Beer/Soda Bar

Classy Festive Décor

Holiday Party Playlist

*Pricing based on (10) people

Don’t see exactly what you want?  Want a live musician or DJ?  Custom take-home party favor with your logo on it? Or a visit from Santa?  Send us a message and we can put together a custom quote!

*Availability is limited; call now to secure your spot!  *All events take place in East Village of Des Moines  *Can accommodate events of all sizes; call for custom quote

Call Amy today:  617-840-5073 OR email:


How Effective is Your Annual Event Strategy?


A successful event starts with a strong strategy and a clear list of objectives.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

At Blink Events we work with business leaders to develop efficient & effective event strategies to ensure a measurable return on investment.  Our approach is thoughtful and complete because the goal is to deliver flawless & awe-inspiring event execution every time.

Here are your Top 10 ways to keeping attendees engaged at your events resulting in the greatest ROI.

1.  It all begins at the drawing board!  Develop a clear road map for your corporate events in the year ahead and make sure you have a reason as to why you are inserting them where you are inserting them.

2.  Create a list of clear and concise objectives for each event and what you are hoping to gain.  Take care in this phase and devote enough time and brainpower to each objective.  The stronger the upfront brainstorming, the stronger the event outcomes.

3.  Establish an identity for each event and build excitement through tools like countdown clocks, registration, personalized agendas and user-generated content.

4. Treat your attendees like guests (brand advocacy starts from the inside out).

5. Creating culture means not taking life too seriously.  Don’t stress your attendees out prior to the event by overloading them with dense content.  Find a nice balance between delivering them relevant messaging with light-hearted anecdotes.  

6. Little things can make a big difference.  Take care in the details, when done right they will truly enrich your attendee’s experience.

7. Give guests experiences worth sharing and give them places to share it.  This will increase your event’s reach and spread your messaging to a broader group.

8. Give guests the platforms to participate (sometimes literally).

9. Create a call to action for guests—why they’re at the event and what they’ll take away from it.  Your attendee’s response will help gauge overall event reception.

10. Continue event momentum following the event with follow ups and recaps.


Have questions or need help strategizing for 2016?  We’ve got you covered; we are your vessel for clear messaging & ROI at your corporate events. We are a full service corporate event planning company.  We will help you create your event objectives, develop effective budgeting, provide appropriate & detailed planning and deliver stellar event execution


Adding Attendee-Control into your Corporate Events

“The world’s first social drone”-Anne Hu, Creator of Brizi

By extending a little bit of control to your attendees, they begin to take ownership over the event and as a result reach a deeper level of engagement.  For the right event, this is a cool idea to take your event to an unpredictable place.

Brizi utilizes the airspace above the event to capture what’s happening below.  Essentially it is a camera attached to a mini-blimp that allows the attendees the opportunity to direct the technology within to capture whatever they wish.  An attendee can simply tell the blimp where they are sitting and manipulate the blimp to hone in on their seat and capture a unique “selfie” from above.  The picture is then sent to the user.  Additionally the blimp itself can be used as a floating billboard for the event sponsors.  All of the media is branded and sent to the sponsors to extend the reach across social media.

Although Brizi is primarily designed for stadiums, benefits can be seen at larger conventions and trade shows as well.  Certainly a new way to think about hiring a photographer!

How do you Handle the Logistics of a Q&A session at your Corporate Events?


It can be tricky trying to figure out the best way to handle the audience participation portion of your event; especially in larger groups.  Often times the event host is stuck awkwardly traversing the crowd in an attempt to get the mic to the right person.   When 8 hands fly up at once, who do you pick first?  What about all the static and background conversation that gets picked up on the microphone’s tireless trip around the room?

The cool thing about the event industry is that there are smart, tech savvy people out there who have recognized these awkward moments to be problematic and have worked to make them better.

Catchbox- world’s first throw-able microphone housed inside a brightly colored soft box

Want a unique and out of the box approach to Q&As (no pun intended)?, try Catchbox the world’s first throw-able mic.  That’s right, you can actually throw it.  These brightly colored padded boxes contain wireless microphones that can be tossed from attendee to attendee.  Don’t worry about picking up any extra noise when the box is inflight- it has been engineered to mute itself when in the air.  Not only does this box keep your audience engaged, it can also make the whole idea of public speaking less intimidating and more carefree.

Audience interaction using your smartphone as a wireless mic.

Catchbox a little too out there for you?  Try Crowd Mics, an app that utilizes your smart phone to connect with the sound system to create individual wireless microphones.  The attendee logs into the network created by the event host and then is able to tap their phone when they would like to chime in.  A list is then compiled of those attendee’s wishing to speak in the order that they tapped in.  The speaker then has the ability to activate and mute certain attendee’s microphones to enable them to be heard or not heard.  The app is free for the attendee.  The event host pays a fee based on how many people are in attendance; under (20) people are free.  Pretty cool solution to a longtime ignored problem!

Thinking Creatively When Choosing Your Venue



The new trend of “drag and drop” venues is taking the event world by storm in certain markets.  Essentially the idea is to refurbish something under-utilized like containers, buses, train cars…etc. and make them multi-use spaces for events.

Take this neat example in Lisbon Portugal, called Village Underground.  They took 14 maritime containers and 2 disabled buses to make this ridiculously cool venue space.

This is an extreme out of the box way of looking at creating cool and engaging venue spaces but you can be a little more practical when applying it to your annual meeting at home.  Try looking into a few venues that aren’t traditionally used for corporate meetings and see if you can creatively interject your message into it.  The effort and innovation will not go unnoticed by your attendees and will help them stay engaged throughout the meeting.

Strategically Finding Sponsors for your Events


If you have ever planned an event where you are in need of sponsorship in order to pull it off, you know the pains that come along with the whole process.  Especially if you reside in a small town where the same organizations tend to repeatedly get asked to be sponsors.  As event organizers we are forced to get creative with our ideas on who to ask to sponsor.  The key is to find sponsors who are  relevant to the event’s objectives and will also bring value to the sponsor’s organization, making it a mutually beneficial union.

If you are new to the process, it can be a very overwhelming undertaking. Thankfully, people have picked up on that and are eager to streamline the process for you.  Sponsor My Event and Endorsevent are two resources for event planners who are looking to find interested sponsors for their next event.

In a nut shell here is how they work:

“1. Event organizers publish their event on the platform and provide all necessary details, including sponsor-packages. As soon as an event is validated it is sent out to matching sponsors and can be found on the site’s search-engine.

2. Sponsors take advantage of a complete SaaS-solution that allows them to manage all their sponsoring-opportunities. They can find and review all kinds of events, negotiate with organizers and close a deal right away on the platform – including secure-payment of the sponsoring-money.”

It takes a little time to set up the event, but once it is set up the event is exposed to hundreds of potentially interested sponsors!  This is definitely cool stuff and worth checking out for your next event!

(For a complete review of SponsorMyEvent visit:

Experiential Events: Attendees want to touch things


As a mother of an 11 month old, I recognize the inherent human desire to touch things. It helps us to perceive them more fully and give them deeper meaning. Incorporating tactile elements into your events will enrich the overall experience.

Tactile events fall under the category of experiential which is using different strategies to immerse your attendee in an interactive manner. Something they can tangibly touch or experience. This is becoming a huge marketing strategy used to gain brand awareness.

Gain some insight into the experiential world by exploring the case studies below




Nike always kills it when it comes to immersing their consumer into their brand. Read up on how they use interactive elements at their events to enrich the attendee experience. Including things such as a “simulator that allowed fans to virtually recreate two of Michael Jordan’s game-winning shots—one from the 1982 N.C.A.A.”



Toyota (partnering with the Rock n’ Roll Marathon series) uses multiple touch points to reach the different event attendees and employs multiple levels of attendee engagement with their brand.


IN OTHER NEWS:  Technology is running rampant at events these days. Here are some tips on how to use technology to engage your attendees effectively without distracting them from receiving your intended messaging.





Sound at your Corporate Events


We often don’t consider how attendees will perceive the event through the sounds they hear, we just know we need to consider sound when planning so our content can be heard. Like it is important to see the event through the eyes of the attendee, it is equally as important to hear the event through the ears of the attendee.

Consider Acoustics of the Venue

Always consider the acoustical properties of the venue you choose. Know that if you choose a venue with a lot of hard surfaces, you will have more echo. This might be a great space for a small event with few speakers because voices will carry enough without the need for microphones and the echo won’t overwhelm the small crowd. However a larger event with a lot of networking worked into it could become very loud. Attendees often notice when a space becomes too loud and is no longer comfortable to be in.  When people can’t hear they become irritable and the overall vibe of your event could suffer.   Spaces with more soft surfaces will absorb sound better and keep voices contained.


Work with an A/V professional on Logistics of the Event

Provide enough speakers at a median decibel to create comfortable and clear sound throughout the space. Avoid hot spots where sound is louder in spots than others by meticulously placing speakers. Do sound checks prior to the event to ensure everything is running smoothly. For more complex programming enlist the help of an A/V professional. They understand A/V and can provide you with guidance on how much sound is required for your event. They also know how to troubleshoot if something goes awry. It’s not cute when the sound goes out in the middle of a speaker, leaving them stranded on stage, unsure what to do. Blips like this pull attendees out of the moment they were in and distract from your overall messaging. Obviously every event is not perfect and sometimes things are beyond our control, but having an A/V professional onsite, running your event program will ensure a quick fix that will get you back up and running before your attendees take notice.


Think: Sound as Art

We don’t often think about sound as an art but there are many opportunities for sound to be impactful. Incorporate unique sound components that surprise your attendees and enrich their experiences. Maybe it is a well-known song that carries a lot of meaning; maybe it’s using a pleasant voice during your intros. Think about sound as another component that contributes to the whole of your event. Sound should not be an after-thought but rather an imperative thread that is weaved into the fabric of your event. Get inspiration here at Designing Sound. Sound is an art, these guys get it.


Leveraging the sense of SIGHT at your corporate events


Sense Week #2: SIGHT

The eye is a very complex organ. It is through the eyes that we connect with the world around us. The experiences we create as event planners are perceived by the brain through the eyes. As event planners we need to take care in carefully designing corporate events that convey clear and concise brand messaging. Clear, edited detailing is the name of the game when designing the aesthetic of your event. This is your opportunity to create the tone and immerse your attendees in the experience. A cohesive event message will guide you in making appropriate and impactful choices when developing your style.

Here are 4 little pointers on leveraging your attendee’s sense of sight to create richer corporate events:

Setting the Stage

You should always look at your event from the eyes of the attendee. What is the first thing they see when they walk in? Here is your opportunity to set the stage, so develop a cohesive marketing strategy to guide you in your choices. If you have ever been to the theater to see a play, you will notice that when you enter the theater the lights and set have been placed very intentionally. The goal is to immerse the audience into the world of the play and set the mood before it begins. Corporate events can be approached in this same way. A/V companies can help you to set the stage. Perhaps you use projections of logos or images; or maybe you use large screens for video. Whatever it might be, get to know your wealth of options when planning your A/V and setting your stage.


Messaging & Calls to Action

Use layers of visual design to convey event messaging. Maybe you use large images that create interest and promote discussion. Maybe you use buzz-words or diagrams. Use imagery to create a call to action, encouraging attendee engagement. You will have a lot of visual learners at your event that will really respond to imagery, so leverage that to get your point across.


Considering Logistics

When walking into an event, attendees want clear communication.  Determine a space plan that makes sense logistically but also incorporates strong messaging. A clear signage plan will make life easier for attendees and event managers on game day. Use signage to dictate circulation. Maybe you want to guide your attendees around space in a very purposeful way, or maybe you want it to be a journey, whatever you choose make it intentional. Beware of potential dead ends or traffic jams in the circulation flow. You should always obtain a floor plan of your venue (and visit several times before hand) and map out locations for all of you event elements (staging, food, bar..etc).


Thoughtful Detailing

These are really your “shine” moments in your event design. I usually get here last in the planning process. It’s essentially the sprinkles on the cupcake. You take something good and make it that much better! This is when you really have to crank the creativity up a notch and determine moments in the event design that you can add just a little bit more, without crowding anything out. This could be a really well done table design with favors for your attendees, or some clever “shareable moments” with an associated hashtag. Thoughtful detailing also pertains to the general design too. Dress the event up a little bit by adding a little decoration. This will contribute to the overall feel your attendees will perceive. Be mindful of the overall general appearance of your event. Attendees will notice if things seem shabby or unpolished.

Most importantly, be creative, think outside the box and DON’T sensor yourself when designing. Just jot down everything that comes to mind and scale it back from there. Be clear and purposeful in your choices and your event will be visually well received.