How Effective is Your Annual Event Strategy?


A successful event starts with a strong strategy and a clear list of objectives.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

At Blink Events we work with business leaders to develop efficient & effective event strategies to ensure a measurable return on investment.  Our approach is thoughtful and complete because the goal is to deliver flawless & awe-inspiring event execution every time.

Here are your Top 10 ways to keeping attendees engaged at your events resulting in the greatest ROI.

1.  It all begins at the drawing board!  Develop a clear road map for your corporate events in the year ahead and make sure you have a reason as to why you are inserting them where you are inserting them.

2.  Create a list of clear and concise objectives for each event and what you are hoping to gain.  Take care in this phase and devote enough time and brainpower to each objective.  The stronger the upfront brainstorming, the stronger the event outcomes.

3.  Establish an identity for each event and build excitement through tools like countdown clocks, registration, personalized agendas and user-generated content.

4. Treat your attendees like guests (brand advocacy starts from the inside out).

5. Creating culture means not taking life too seriously.  Don’t stress your attendees out prior to the event by overloading them with dense content.  Find a nice balance between delivering them relevant messaging with light-hearted anecdotes.  

6. Little things can make a big difference.  Take care in the details, when done right they will truly enrich your attendee’s experience.

7. Give guests experiences worth sharing and give them places to share it.  This will increase your event’s reach and spread your messaging to a broader group.

8. Give guests the platforms to participate (sometimes literally).

9. Create a call to action for guests—why they’re at the event and what they’ll take away from it.  Your attendee’s response will help gauge overall event reception.

10. Continue event momentum following the event with follow ups and recaps.


Have questions or need help strategizing for 2016?  We’ve got you covered; we are your vessel for clear messaging & ROI at your corporate events. We are a full service corporate event planning company.  We will help you create your event objectives, develop effective budgeting, provide appropriate & detailed planning and deliver stellar event execution


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