Blink Events is your LINK to meaningful and relevant event planning

Blink is a collaborative of event gurus who plan & execute stellar corporate events.

We work with business leaders to develop efficient & effective event strategies to ensure a measurable return on investment. Our approach is thoughtful and complete because the goal is to deliver flawless & awe-inspiring event execution every time.

We are a full service corporate event planning company. We will help you to create your event objectives, develop effective budgeting, provide appropriate & detailed planning and deliver stellar event execution

We are your vessel for clear messaging & ROI at your corporate events



Don’t just plan an event … make it meaningful & relevant.  Your BRAND is what defines you, use your events to share your story.

BRAND YOUR EVENT:  Let us work with you to understand your brand and effectively communicate your message to your attendees.  Get your people amped about your company through the use of an effective and savvy marketing campaign.  Let your brand be the driving force behind every decision you make about your event.

USE TECHNOLOGY:  This is the age of ever changing & innovating technology.  Show your attendees you are hip to the times by using cutting edge technology to enhance your event.  Stream-line the attendee experience by utilizing digital tools to monitor attendee reception of the event & measure your ROI.  Pair your technology with an effective social media campaign for a real-life review of your event.

TAP INTO THE SENSES:  Make your event memorable by engaging your attendees.  Help them to understand who you are through experiential marketing moments around your event.  Don’t let your attendees leave your event without them gaining a true understanding of what your brand looks like, feels like, smells like, sounds like and tastes like!!

LOCAL FLAVOR:  blink strives to form meaningful collaborations with the flourishing start-up community in Iowa in an effort to grow small business and local economy.